About the Chorale

The Torrance Civic Chorale has provided the South Bay community with exceptional choral music, instruction and cultural improvements since 1961. With 80+ singers, the auditioned Chorale is under the sponsorship of the Cultural Services Division of the Community Services Department.

Performing three formal concerts, two in December and one in April at the James R. Armstrong Theatre in Torrance, California, the Torrance Civic Chorale sings repertoire which spans Spirituals to Broadway show tunes, Hollywood movies to Baroque, Renaissance and Classical. The Chorale enjoys singing the a cappella music of Renaissance and 21st century masters. December concerts feature its orchestra and in Spring, a rhythm band.

The Chorale sings in December for the Torrance Memorial Holiday Festival at Torrance Memorial Hospital, the Torrance Woman’s Club along with other community opportunities.  The Chorale as also concertized for the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium in San Pedro.

“Creative and spirited,” “enthusiasm was infectious,” quotes The Daily Breeze of the Torrance Civic Chorale.  The Chorale’s choral travels span Europe, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong and Canada not to mention Sacramento and Pomona.Other venues keep the energetic singers highly visible and musically active within the South Bay community.

The 80+ voice chorale represents professions in aerospace, banking and investments, education, parenting, military, medical, governmental social services, professional antique dealers, students, retirees, church employees, and the list goes on.  The Chorale’s chorister diversities span Japan, China, Chile, England, Philippines, Spain, Korea, Scandinavia, France, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Greece, Scotland, Middle East and Central America.

About the director

Scott Rieker is the Artistic Director of the Torrance Civic Chorale.  Click for more information

Come Sing with Us!

Enrollment is open, but we do want all new singers to demonstrate vocal ability to match tones and pitches, demonstrate basic choral singing skills and be able to sing their voice part. The Chorale seeks to effectively blend advanced voices and voices of beginners who desire to continually improve their musicianship and choral skills. Contact us for more information.
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