1.  What is the user name for logging into the members only portion of the website?  — TCC

2.  Where do I enter the User name on the login Screen?  — In the box that says “Username” directly above the box that says “Password”  

3.  What is the password to login to the members only portion of the website? — The password is changed each session and is provided by the Director in the materials provided.  If you do not remember or did not receive the materials, please click on this link:  Email Suzan Shukay aka the Webmaster

4.  What should I do if a page says “No Results Found?”  — Please click on another page and return to the page where the message occurred.  In most cases, the page will load properly.

5.  What should I do if I get a screen (on another page) that requests me to enter a password?  In the large grey line, enter the password and hit SUBMIT (which is at the far right side).  






To report problems or request announcements to be added,  please email  Scott Suhr at